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5U Low Profile Wall Mount Cabinet (30" deep)

P/N: 180-5282

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  • Vertically mounts 5U of equipment to any wall

  • Adjustable depth

  • Maximum depth of 30 inches

  • Hinged cabinet door with latch and lock

  • Hinged top with lock for easy access

  • Vented front and bottom

  • Bottom vent allows 120 mm fans to be mounted

  • Knockouts for cable access

  • 150 lbs weight capacity

  • PCI DSS compliant

  • Supports EIA 320-E 19" equipment

  • Extra 2U of rackspace for patch panels

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5U Low Profile Wall Mount Cabinet (30" deep)


The 30 inch deep 5U Low Profile Wall Mount Cabinet is an excellent way to store and secure server and AV rackmount equipment. The low profile wall mount stores up to 5U equipment vertically to any wall. Equipment is easily accessible with a front door with a latch as well as a hinged top which allows easy access to knobs and switches on equipment. Both doors feature a lock with a key, ensuring all of your equipment is secure. The rack also features knockout holes for routing cables, and a vented bottom, which also allows mounting for 120 mm fans. It's low profile extends no more than 10 inches from the wall. This Wall Mount Cabinet features a maximum equipment depth of 30 inches and a maximum load capacity of 150 lbs.

Additional Information

Rack Height 5U-8U
External Width No
RoHS Compliance Yes
Rack Type Enclosed Wall Rack
Hardware Included
Tech Notes No
Rack Depth 28" Server Rack
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