50 pack of 12-24 thread cage nuts (desktop image)50 pack of 12-24 thread cage nuts (mobile image)

50 Pack of 12-24 Thread Cagenuts

P/N: CAGENUT-1224-50PK 

Cagenuts are used in square hole racks. They are used when you have to mount a product that is a threaded hole.

Our rack hardware is available in 12-24 thread, 10-32 thread and M6 metric thread and is compatible with industry standard 3/8” square hole racks. Use 10-32 threads for Dell and audio racks, M6 metric threads for HP racks and 12-24 threads for most other racks.

Thread Type12-24
RoHS ComplianceNo
Size (U Height)No
Cable Management TypeNo
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